To Whom It May Concern

Today is a very special day. I awoke early to deliver something personally as I have done so on this date for the last 17 years. It was still dark when I left the house, but the tell-tale signs of a sun rising in the East were present but a black winter cloud smothered where it would rise. The drive was only a short one; the roads soaked and glistened like wet coal. As I approached and drove past the house I glanced at those windows, still dark and shielding those I have missed for so many years. I parked and walked back through the muddy puddles before striking that gravel drive on my pilgrimage to a single letter box – all was quiet. And then I left, disappearing into the cold gloom of an emerging dawn. It was not much to give. I have never been able to give very much, but as relative as any life can be, I had given my last penny. Happy Birthday Son.