My trip to the moon

All my life I have looked up at that bright orb and wondered. I have always had flights of fantasy. I have even gone to the lengths of building a rocket to satisfy this fantasy. I stood next to it on a dark moonlit night and viewed that full moon without any post conceptions about the gathering doubts that `we` had actually been there.
So back in 1972, I remember watching astronauts Harrison Schmitt and Eugene Cernan during the APOLLO 17 mission. It was the last Apollo mission and unlike most of the other earthlings, I had not become bored with the Lunar antics of Appollo. Some today may well doubt the credibility of those missions and I must confess, I too developed my own doubts more recently. I studied what I could of the `evidence` and concluded there must have been AT LEAST some fiddling about with still photos by NASA to promote itself and provide `evidence` that `we` had actually been there with those first trips to the moon. I do think the still pics they published may well have been fake in order to promote a `successful mission` and remove any risk but have no doubt at least most of the missions were carried out. It is healthy to remain sceptical in the face of what anyone working for the government says. Today, my employment with `local` government ends. To a much, much lesser extent I also have to confess to having been less than totally honest with the public over information imparted to them. It is what `we` do to protect the beast that employs us! And in the armed forces years ago I was also part of a fabrication of `facts`.
Yesterday, I came face to face with something that I witnessed via the medium of TV being collected 41 years ago. It was just one small sample of a total of 252 pounds of lunar rock and dust that returned with Apollo 17. It looked dull and uninteresting but it was real. I had not really been to the moon – it had come to me?
rocket 2
My rocket, `Top Cat One`