The Headmaster

Dear Mr. xxxxxxxx
Thank-you for your letter regarding the incident on (date not given) requiring after school detention.
We fully support your actions in this matter and could not believe that Joe could have obtained explosives let alone bring them into school! He does appear to be showing remorse for his behaviour and is now resigned to the fact he will have to serve detention for his actions.
Having served in HM Forces and trained/qualified in explosive demolitions I have grave concerns and aware of the devastating consequences these materials can have in the wrong hands. My son has informed me he was given the explosives by a member of staff working in an arcade. I was unaware of this and shall be considering taking legal action against the business as I feel sure they must have broken some law.
The fact these explosives were taken into a school in England doesn’t bare thinking about as it is more like something you hear about happening in the United States of America! Thankfully they were discovered by vigilant teaching staff and for that you have my gratitude thus preventing any devastating consequences.
I do believe my son was simply thoughtless in his actions and I do not believe these explosives were taken into school with any premeditated intention to maim or kill. but I must be mindful however that we are informed by OFSTED that within the school system there is sometimes a hidden agenda at work, perverting our children into religious/ideological extremists. I feel sure that this is not the case but one can never be too careful so once again you can count on my support.
My training and experience in demolitions does leads me to the conclusion that the potential energy released in the `fun snaps` that Joe thoughtlessly brought into school would not pose a major risk to anyone. They are designed to make a crack sound when detonated of no more than 72.3 decibels at 3 metres; certainly lower than lets say the decibel reading of two teachers shouting at Joe which would equate to 78 to 100 decibels.
Although these `explosives` may well be inert, you must not let this diminish your vigilance as today’s `funsnap` could well lead to tomorrows I.E.D. so as a responsible parent you can always count on our consent and support in these matters.

Yours Faithfully

Mr. S xxxxxxxx