Signing documents

SIGNING UNDER DURESS: Placing Vi Coactus  or VC.         OR …Signature… Means you intent to add something.

Competence, also called legal capacity, is a party’s ability to enter into a contract. The most common reason for incompetence is age. A party must be at least 18 years old to enter into a contract. If a minor signs a contract, she has the right to cancel it. Another reason for incapacity is mental illness. A person incapacitated by a disease or disability, who does not understand the terms of a contract he entered, has the right to rescind his acceptance of an offer, voiding the contract. Lastly, a person under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be considered incompetent if the other party knew or should have known that the person’s impairment affected his ability to understand and freely consent to the contract.

Many clients with debts, a result of entering into contracts while being treated for and experiencing dual diagnosis.



A few years ago when My kids were still that age when they control you (yes I know they probably always will) We were visiting  Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight. It was evening time around the harbour at some yachty gathering. Along the quay were gentrified groups of lovelies sipping wine and doing and talking about things that people do in such surroundings. Enter the Farrell’s! Stage left. Leo was happy and was running around despite my polite and muted requests for him to remain calm and still! In one of those moments when you fear and dread and would not wish upon your worse enemy he managed to `brush past` a small group of evening revellers (Main stage) the result being an angry lady with her glass of red wine now decorating her white evening dress! Her venom was directed clearly toward us the parents and after my initial but brief and sincere apology on my sons behalf she went on to judge our parenting skills based upon our Primark  and charity/music festival shop apparel. In those circumstances I typically blurt out a primitive knee jerk response reaction and did then, saying to the woman….” I don’t suppose you have any children?”  To which she retorted I have actually….3!

“In that case madam,” I said, based on the observational standards you are judging us by, that your nanny must be looking after them, as the degree of liberty clearly being exercised by your good company cannot be enjoyed by us all and that a certain degree of tolerance should be applied by those enjoying their transient affluent advantageous positions in life. Enjoy the rest of this fine evening!

(Stage Right) Actually I just died inside a big hole….or would have done if there had been one.